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Happy Birthday Jourdan! by Kageto-Okami Happy Birthday Jourdan! :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 9 4 Pokemon Resembling Solgaleo and Necrozma by Kageto-Okami Pokemon Resembling Solgaleo and Necrozma :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 19 8 Nope by Kageto-Okami Nope :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 11 1
Chapter XXXIX
This Chapter takes place during the last few chapters
Silver slowly opened his eyes. He found himself in a huge gray room
with a metal floor and walls. In front of him was Luna, unconscious.
She was in a cell, blocked by metal bars.
Silver: *shock* Luna!
Silver charged forward to try and save her, only to find that he
couldn't move. He was tied to a cross. Silver was now filled with
fear. He struggled and struggled but to no avail. He must have made a
bit of a racket because Luna was waking up. She looked around and saw
Silver. She immediately got up and shook the bars of her cell. But the
moment she touched the bars, a jolt of electricity ran through her
body. She jumped back.
Silver: LUNA!!!
Luna got up. The shock didn't seem to faze her that much.
Luna: Silver!!! Use your Magic to break free!!!
Silver tried to concentrate his Aura. But he suddenly found that he had no Aura.
Silver: *fear* I-I can't!!! I don't have any Magic!!!
Luna: What?!
Silver: I'm trying! But I have no Aura!!! W
:iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 1 3
Bros by Kageto-Okami Bros :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 10 3 New Profile Pic by Kageto-Okami New Profile Pic :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 10 11 What happened to me by the time I turned 16 by Kageto-Okami What happened to me by the time I turned 16 :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 8 7 Olessya by Kageto-Okami Olessya :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 11 6 Narcissa by Kageto-Okami Narcissa :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 13 6 Parody of a meme by Kageto-Okami Parody of a meme :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 7 8 Eyes by Kageto-Okami Eyes :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 6 4 Withering Away by Kageto-Okami Withering Away :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 10 6 Ray Reference by Kageto-Okami Ray Reference :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 15 7
This Chapter takes place right after the previous one
Omega watched in horror, not believing what he saw. Venus had turned
into a Wither right before his very eyes. Omega was then filled with
Omega: *shaking* If I had been a second sooner... I could've... I could've...
He then looked at the reason Venus had turned into a Wither. Ace.
Omega's sadness turned into anger. He glared at Ace, but did not see
Ace's face as he stared a Venus. Ace's face actually had guilt written
all over it.
Ace's thoughts: Why? Why couldn't you just give up?
Ace was suddenly sent flying a great distance. He felt a sharp pain in
his back. He turned around to see a boy who had a visible flaming red
aura surrounding him. He was tall and and had spiky jet black hair.
But his most striking feature was his glowing red eyes. Ace knew it
was Omega, based on what Wallace said about him. Interfering.
Boisterous. But fierce. Those were the words Wallace used to describe
him. Ace suddenly changed. A second ago, he
:iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 3 5
Chapter XXXVII
This chapter takes place right after the previous one
The pieces of Venus' Soul scattered out in the hallway. Ace was
initially shocked but quickly brushed it off and walked away.
Ace: You did this to yourself...
But as Ace was taking his first few steps, he suddenly heard Venus'
voice. It reverberated across the hallway and sent chills down Ace's
Venus' voice: No... I won't give up... I won't break... You hear me
Ace? I'm still here... That's right... Didn't I tell you... No matter
how many times you beat me... I'll keep coming back... Wanna know why?
Because I still have people standing behind me. Omega. Angel. Mabel.
All of them are within me as I am within them. We all have the same
goal. We all want to save Silver and Luna. They are from us. So I...
We... Won't let anyone stop us...  I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO TAKE ME
Ace was now filled with fear, he couldn't believe what he was hearing.
He couldn't believe what was happening. And just when he thought it
:iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 2 2
Chapter XXXVI
This Chapter takes place right after Chapter XXXIV
They hid behind some trees and bushes near the border of the base, to
discuss their plan.
Mabel: Alright. Here's what we're going to do. When we go inside, we
need to make for the elevator at the centre of the ground floor. We
are likely going to be attacked by guards. Kill them. They are trained
to have no mercy whatsoever.
Angel knew what Mabel was talking about. She remembered the time she
spared NO FACE. He still made a last-ditch attempt to kill Angel until
Silver intervened. Angel didn't like the idea of killing people, but
she understood she had no other choice.
Mabel: When we get to the elevator, we will each go and scour
different parts of each floor to find the room where the twins are
being held. Some of them may contain Carbuncles being held for
experiments. If you can, free them. The cells give off radio waves that
prevent them from using Magic so as soon as you deactivate them, they
will instinctively teleport back home.
:iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 3 1


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Petit Beast by DancerQuartz Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Petit Beast :icondancerquartz:DancerQuartz 297 30 OC Liz by Liza-chaaan OC Liz :iconliza-chaaan:Liza-chaaan 32 13 Precious Devil Boi by junkbird Precious Devil Boi :iconjunkbird:junkbird 6 3 Liiiicht by EonAngel Liiiicht :iconeonangel:EonAngel 35 3 Ultra Sun/Moon by Unknown-Amelia Ultra Sun/Moon :iconunknown-amelia:Unknown-Amelia 17 5 Random by Lunarhie Random :iconlunarhie:Lunarhie 45 13 Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon by TkptVN Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon :icontkptvn:TkptVN 46 5 Beauty and Expansion by Tomycase Beauty and Expansion :icontomycase:Tomycase 567 52 The Night Raid Archives - Page 40 (END) by Jourd4n The Night Raid Archives - Page 40 (END) :iconjourd4n:Jourd4n 5 8 The Night Raid Archives - Page 39 by Jourd4n The Night Raid Archives - Page 39 :iconjourd4n:Jourd4n 8 1 The Night Raid Archives - Page 38 by Jourd4n The Night Raid Archives - Page 38 :iconjourd4n:Jourd4n 4 0 The Night Raid Archives - Page 37 by Jourd4n The Night Raid Archives - Page 37 :iconjourd4n:Jourd4n 4 2 The Night Raid Archives - Page 36 by Jourd4n The Night Raid Archives - Page 36 :iconjourd4n:Jourd4n 4 1 The Night Raid Archives - Page 35 by Jourd4n The Night Raid Archives - Page 35 :iconjourd4n:Jourd4n 6 0 The Night Raid Archives - Page 34 by Jourd4n The Night Raid Archives - Page 34 :iconjourd4n:Jourd4n 4 1 The Night Raid Archives - Page 33 by Jourd4n The Night Raid Archives - Page 33 :iconjourd4n:Jourd4n 4 0



I think the hardest thing about using a tablet for the first time is that my lines are so wobbly. I wonder how long it'll take before I can do proper lines
So AoT Season 2 is over... They confirmed Season 3 for next year. I just hope they don't do what they did last time and just stall us with OVAs and spin-offs...
Happy Birthday Jourdan!
Happy Birthday to :iconjourd4n:
This mushroom is a great artist and a "fungi" (Eeeeyyy)
I'm getting faster with the Wacom! Glad I could finish it in time. Anyway, hope you like it
PKMN USUM should also expand on Z-Crystals and where they come from. They could be connected to either Zygarde or Necrozma just as Rayquaza solved the mystery of Mega Evolution
I think given the title, PKMN USUM will solve the mystery of Ultra Beasts. I also think they are more than just Pokemon because their species name in the French games translates to Ultra Chimera. They could be fusions of Pokemon and other species. Or they aren't and are more likely capable of fusion seeing as Nihilego fused with Lusamine and Necrozma appears to have used with Solgaleo and Lunala. Wicke did say that there could be more examples of that after all.
So this is basically a detailed list of all the things I took note of in the trailer

- Alternate storyline: Does that mean it's a remake of the original or a sequel?
- Pokemon that didn't appear in Sun and Moon: Do they mean Pokemon from older games that are returning or new Pokemon altogether? I hope it's the latter in addition to new Alola Forms.
- New Player Characters: Redesigns of Sun and Moon or completely different individuals?
- Route 1 redesigned: The buds from Sun and Moon are now fully bloomed? Did time pass or is it just a redesign?
- Wingull following the player around: Did it just so happen to soar over him in the same direction or will Pokemon Following Their Trainer be a thing again?
- Awesome Solgaleo/Lunala and Necrozma fusion: Set's in stone that there is in fact a connection of some sort between them.
- New Z-Ring technique: The player twisted the Z-Crystal like a switch. Does that unlock a new power?
- The titles: ULTRA. Like Ultra Beasts? Y'know?
- The Japanese Logos: Since X and Y, there always the symbol of a major new plot relevant feature. In X and Y they had a rainbow colored DNA sign representing Mega Evolution. In ORAS it was the redesigns for the Red and Blue Orbs, representing Primal Reversion. In Sun and Moon it was a Z-Crystal representing Z-Power. This year it's a rainbow colored triangle which can actually be seen on the Legendary fusions' foreheads if you look closely.

That's all for now. Lemme know what you think


You can call me Sam
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Name: Sam
Age: 17
Birthday: June 5 2000
Gender: Male

- Drawing
- Listening to music
- Watching Anime
- Reading Books
- Writing stories
- Eating
- Sleeping
- Daydreaming
- Making jokes and puns

- Anime
- Rock music
- My buddies
- Food
- Reading
- Writing Stories and Lyrics
- Cats
- Wolves
- Peace
- Winter and the cold
- Night
- Good people
- Science
- Maths
- Video Games
- Sleeping
- Jokes and Puns

- Lies
- Smoking
- Alcohol
- Loud and sudden noises and movements
- Forgetting
- Bugs
- Artist/Writer Block
- When the air is full of dust
- Bright sunlight
- The intense heat
- Hunger and thirst
- Chaos
- People who corrupt the world
- Being a slave/follower
- Bullies
- Sports

Fun Facts:
- Photophobic
- Hypersensitive
- Lazy
- Lone Wolf
- Big Eater

Friends in real life:

Friends on DA that I really wanna meet:



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